about the collective

The Adventure Fitness Collective specializes in creating unique, inspiring experiences viewing activity as a tool to optimize your life for health, adventure and connection. We provide accessible and exciting adventure experiences to cultivate a healthy life, reignite passions for activity, and develop community using nature as the medium.

The experiences created by the Adventure Fitness Collective strive to disrupt the traditional exercise experience, whether in a gym or working out at home which tend to be limited, linear, repetitive and predictable. We do not feel that fitness should fall into the same category as exercise. Adventure Fitness Collective promotes human power in natural environment.

If you’re stuck in a rut, bored in the gym or looking for adventure, our experiences strive to inspire. The entire experience is a journey with an emphasis on teamwork and collective growth; individual challenges with team work and group support along the way.

It is a combination of varying modalities designed to encourage play, exploration and overcoming challenges while developing speed, strength, agility and grace - just as the body is intended.

Strengthen the body

We stress the importance of improving our physical and mental resiliency. We emphasize physical strength and endurance training. There will be no limited, linear, repetitive or predictable movements in our workouts.

Our goal is to make minds and bodies versatile and spontaneous through the development of strength, speed, agility and grace.

Skills will be developed indoors and let loose on the outdoors in nature. 

Strengthen the mind

Acquiring mental toughness does not happen overnight. It is developed and honed through experience. Mental toughness is a skill that allows us to stay positive and perform at optimal levels without succumbing to fear, discomfort, humiliation, or failure.

After spending some time strengthening the body, each class will introduce a new technique you may or may not have even thought of before, all with the goal of sharpening your mental resiliency.