Frequently asked questions

What am I registering for?

Great question. Adventure Fitness Collective organizes group programs, we call them Squads. Each Squad will run anywhere from 2-4 weeks long and meet twice weekly. Where a conventional fitness program or membership focuses almost entirely on your physical health, we put an emphasis on mental conditioning and nurturing the soul. Every group session follows a formula: Physical Stregthening -> Mental Conditioning -> Team Building We partner with local practitioners and guides. They are foundational to the collective. Yoga Teachers, Mindfullness Experts, Breathwork Facilitators, Qigong Teachers. Anything you've wanted to try, but weren't sure where to start, we want to expose you to it all!

What is the commitment?

We limit each Squad to 10-12 participants. This allows us to create a community focused environment. Everyone gets a fun, interactive workout together and intimitate connection with our soul nurturing practitioners and workshops. Your commitment when you register is for the duration of the Squad. After which, you'll have a big rolodex (still used?) of local gyms, practitioners, guides, trails, etc. allowing you to continue to practice whatever it was that you connected with.

Anything else included in a Squad?

Yes! As much fun as it would be to exercise physically and mentally for a few weeks, we emphasize FUNTIONALITY! Where better to let your new found fitness and community loose but in nature. So each Squad will be unique and culminate in an epic adventure. We will be hitting some of the most beautiful escapes Canada has to offer.

What is the outcome?

In short, transformation. Our goal is to provide a transformational experience. If you have felt a yearning for more than a traditional fitness program, looking to connect with like minded individuals, looking to explore your conciousness and condition your mind, Adventure Fitness Collective wants to connect with you.